The MP Advantage


We play in the top tournaments in the midwest region against top-level competition. These tournaments attract numerous college coaches and scouts due to the high concentration of talent, which you just can't find at High School games.

Professional Coaching

A big key to our success is our professional coaching provided by coaches who have played and been coached at the next level. Their dedication to player development is second to none. Our coaches are available year-round to provide private instruction.

Year-Round Training

Next level players are made in the off-season. The MP Braves training home at The Ballpark in Mount Prospect is a pro quality facility that is consistently utilized by local players to develop their skills to play at the next level. Each of our MP Braves players is granted a full Ballpark Membership upon being selected for one of our teams.

Like-Minded Teammates

MP Braves all have a common goal to play ball at the next level and the drive to get them there. When you come to practice and are surrounded by like-minded individuals with a strong drive to succeed, you push each other to new heights. We have a strong culture of dedication and hard work. If you don't have a similar drive, you simply won't fit in with our guys.

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